What is an Incentive travel?

Incentive travel is the noncash reward to incentivize of motivate employees or partners.
It can be a group trip or an individual vacation for your top employees and their spouses or family.
Trips can be a blend of leisure and professional development time.

It is usually group tour with a set itinerary where all those qualifying take part in the same program of events and activities,
however individual incentive trips are also used by some companies.

Generally, this travel lasts from three to seven days and blends team-building activities or professional networking opportunities.

Why do KTO run this Monitoring Fam tour?

With tours in Korea resuming, Korea Tourism Organization has selected 19 best tourism programs through Korea's Best Incentive Tour Products Contest' with the aim of identifying excellent incentive tour products and facilitating incentive tourism in Korea.

As part of those efforts, the organization will conduct Monitoring Fam-tour Program in order to collect meaningful opinions and inputs from 'foreigners' who are potential consumers.

Overview 개요

Event Name
Korean Incentive Tour Program : Monitoring Fam Tour
대한민국 우수 인센티브 관광 팸투어
August ~ October, 2022
Host /Organize
Ministry of Culture, Sprots and Tourism 문화체육관광부, Korea Tourism Organization 한국관광공사
Be the First One to experience the 19 best incentive tour programs in Korea  selected by the Korea Tourism Organization!
We are recruiting “K-Incentive Explorers” to experience outstanding tour programs for free only by reviewing them!

한국관광공사가 선정한 대한민국 우수 인센티브 관광 프로그램 19개 미리 맛보기!
우수 인센티브 관광을 체험한 후 만족도 조사에 참여할 K-Incentive Explorers(외국인 평가단)를 모집 합니다!

Eligibility / 참가자격

“Foreigners who want to explore every corner of Korea FOR FREE!”
“한국의 우수 관광지를 구석구석 체험하고 싶은 외국인!”

  • Foreigners who live in Korea, working people. 한국에 거주하는 외국인 직장인
  • International Students 대학생 혹은 대학원생
  • Koreans who work at a HR department of foreign companies 외국계 회사 인사팀에 재직중인 한국인

Required Activities / 활동내역

  • ① Tour participation for 1 night trip (once per person) 1박 2일 투어 참가 (1인 1회 참여)
  • ② Fill in a survey of the tour destination (5-star reviews) 참가 프로그램에 대한 만족도 조사 참여 (별점 리뷰)
  • ③ Fill in a survey of the tour program 참가 프로그램에 관한 설문조사 참여
    ※ Both a 5-star reviews and a survey are required. 만족도 조사와 설문조사 두 가지 모두 필수로 참여해야 합니다.

Experience / 제공사항

  • Free 1 night tour inside Korea 국내 1박 2일 여행 무료 참가
  • Accommodation (a twin room), Transportation, Meals, etc. included 숙박(2인 1실), 여행 교통수단, 식사 등 제공
  • KTO souvenirs 한국관광공사 기념품
  • Travel insurance is provided by each travel agency. 여행자 보험은 각 여행사에서 별도로 가입합니다.

Participation Process / 신청방법

  • Sign-up for K-Incentive Tourmates
    회원 가입
  • Apply for a FAM Tour Program
    팸투어 프로그램 신청
  • Confirmation of Tour Program by Secretariat Office
    신청 프로그램 & 일정 여행사 확인
  • Participation in a Tour
    투어 참가
  • Fill in Surveys
    만족도 조사 & 설문조사 참여